BMW Acquisition of the Rover Group

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The case is one of the acquisitions of a firm operating in the automobile industry, by another. It calls for a strategic Analysis, by analyzing the internal and external environment to enable:

An understanding of where the firms are and how they got there.

An understanding of the resources and the environment

An understanding of the Industry and key success factors

Consideration of the competitive strategy

The case covers the following periods:

Rovers strategic alliance with Honda's had developed into a wide-ranging relationship that was the envy in the Industry. The company had been acquired by British Aerospace, who however had an intent to sell the company by August 1993. This period of the early 1990's was characterized by a worldwide recession as the dominant factor. The company continued with the alliance developing stylish, quality and reliable vehicles. Sales performance was very good in UK and Japan.

March 1992- January 1994: Process Of Sale

The Company underwent a period of where several other car manufacturers proposed to buy rover. The

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