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The Great Gatsby and the movie

            The Great Gatsby is a novel written by F. The book is about the life in the 1920’s, which was the era where everybody became rich and had wonderful times living the wildlife. With its extraordinary diction and mysterious symbols a, Fitzgerald writes about Jay Gatsby, who wants to achieve his dream, the American Dream. There have been several movies about this novel, and The Great Gatsby released in 1974 is certainly one of the successful movies. The book and the movie are very similar; however, they have some differences, too. The novel and the movie are similar and yet so different in the development of some of the important characters such as Tom, Nick and especially Jay Gatsby, and in the deletion and addition of some the scenes in the movie which creates the loss of some of Fitzgerald’s language from the book to the conversion to the movie.
             In the book, The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald does an excellent job in the character development of the main characters. However, the movie does not do the same for some of the characters. For instance, in the book Tom is described as a very muscular man. In contrast to the movie, he appears as a tall, skinny person. It does not affect Tom’s image of being a powerful man in the movie, but the book still gives the impression that he is very physically strong. Another character who is not fully developed in the movie is Nick. Nick is the narrator of the novel so most of the book includes Nick and the reader learns a lot about him. Although Nick is also the narrator of the movie, there are many scenes in the movie where he is not present, unlike in the book where he is almost everywhere. Therefore, the audience does not learn much about Nick, which is important because the book has been written through the eyes of Nick, and his impressions about the other characters such as Gatsby are not shown. The movie does not see the other characters through Nick, which is a loss of Fitzgerald language and purpose because one of his purposes in the book was to show people that Nick has changed throughout the book.