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As I stand on the corner waiting to cross the street, only being five years old, I hear the screaming of sirens. They get closer and closer, my mom holds my arms, "Wait, don't you see the firefighters coming?  Suddenly a gigantic red machine comes up the street, it races through the red light, I see four huge heroic looking men in uniform. Then I find out that they get payed to ride on the big red truck and fight fires while saving peoples lives. At this point is when I realized that this was meant for me. Do I want to get a job where I get payed a lot of money and be rich or do I want to work helping people? This question is asked by every firefighter. This choice must be made by every great firefighter. A great firefighter not only puts out fires, a great firefighter endures rigorous training and challenging exams but works for the love of the people and not the money which they get payed.

What does it take to become a firefighter? Well, a great firefighter must pass challenging exams, both physical and mental. Firefighters, to be, must fir

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