Travel and tourism

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The History of travel and tourism-Post World War

This report is based on the history of travel and tourism after World War Two and will explore the reasons for the rapid development of this industry.

1 Changing Socio-economic circumstances

In 1950 there were 2.3 million cars on the roads now there are around 23 million with 70%1 of households one or more cars. This gives them a lot of leeway in travel arrangements giving them easy access to other areas of Britain. So now areas that were not accessible in 1950 by train or bus routes are now available to the average family in modern Britain.

Modes of land transport used by tourists

From the table above you can see how in land transport the private car is the main mode of travel used by UK tourists and visitors to Britain.

From 1950 onwards life has been getting easier for the average person. It all started in 1938 with the Holidays with pay act (paid holidays for all workers) and now the average a

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