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            Travel Operation Ideas and Applications.
             Tourism Myths and Realities are outlined on idea of the industry. The tourism Industry is one of the best ways to earn money to every country due to the differences of each country in terms of geological features and cultures that people are basically desired of exploring the world and experiencing new things. In addition international tourism supports contribution of the world peace. As today the technology supports on the transportation that it provides people of easy travel around, then people have more opportunity to study of the world wide then understanding of each other's cultures and thought is increasing that can stop the contradictory between countries.
             However there is a wrong idea on reality and Myth of tourism that defines the industry's perception. .
             The myth of tourism can be example as this follow;.
             1 The majority of tourism in the world is international.
             2 Most tourism journeys in the world are buy air as tourists" jet set from country to the country.
             3 Tourism is only about leisure holidays.
             4 Employment in tourism means substantial travel and the chance to learn languages.
             But the real features of the industry are resulted as;.
             1. Tourism in the world is predominantly domestic (people travelling in their own country) Domestic tourism accounts for about 80% of tourists trips.
             2.The majority of trips are buy surface transport (mainly the car).
             3.Tourism include all types of purpose of visit including business, conference and education.
             4.Most employment in tourism is in the hospitality and involves little travels.
             However tourism has created some of impact on country's culture and environment.

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