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            Is it possible to move through time? That's the question everyone asking. However, common sense is not always such a good guide. Some hundred years ago common sense said man could never fly; now we travel all over the world. There are problems. The commonest are the so-called paradoxes. For example, if we could travel through time, imagine what would happen to a time traveller. If he/she travelled back in time and killed his/her own grandmother at birth. In theory the time traveller will therefore never be born, so the journey could never have been made in the first place; but if the journey never occurred then the grandmother would be born which means the time traveller would have been born and could make the journey . and so on and so on. This is a paradox.
             There is a possibility. When the time traveller kills the grandmother he immediately creates a new quantum universe, in basis a parallel universe where the grandmother never existed and where our time traveller is never been born. The original universe still remains. .
             Einstein's special theory of relativity shows that time travel into the future is possible. The theory demonstrates that the way we perceive time is relative to our motion. Objects travelling at speeds close to the speed of light (about 300 000 kilometres per second) age more slowly than stationary objects. In 1975, Professor Carrol Alley tested Einstein's theory using two synchronised atomic clocks. Carol loaded one clock onto a plane, which was flown for several hours, while the other clock remained on the ground. At the end of its flight, the clock on the plane was slightly behind the one on the ground. Time had actually slowed down for the clock on the plane. It had travelled forward in time. (1).
             How does one travel through time? There is a theory on wormholes. It says, you can use wormholes to travel through time. Wormholes have four dimensions. Up-Down, Left-Right, Forward-Backward and the fourth one is Time.

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