Career Goals

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Career goals are set to fulfill and to accomplish desired objectives. By writing this

essay, one can become more familiar with the process in becoming a Dallas Police

Officer. Understand the process also means one must attend college and have a minimum

of 45 credits with a C average or greater. Also, when one gets in contact with a police

recruiter, the officer will explain that one must attend a police academy for a period of 32

weeks. Ways in which one could accomplish the requirements set forth by the Dallas

Police Department, what benefits they offer, and an alternative plan if criminal justice

First, to become a Dallas police officer it is mandatory to have a minimum of 45

semester credit hours with a C average or higher from a community college. Having that

in mind, one must enroll at a community college and plan the classes that would be

beneficial for the career. Although, when calling a Dallas police recruiter, he will explain

that there is no certain courses that need to be taken in college in order to be an officer of

the law. One would recommended that a couple of criminal justice courses be taken. One

could conclude that when getting into a c

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