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My Favorite Food

             We Filipinos love to eat, but more than just eating, we love to eat home-cooked food, that special concoction of flavors and spices, one that is both handed over from tradition yet is widely ingrained in popular culture. We just love to eat!.
             We love eating so much that home-cooked food is the first thing we miss whenever we hit the road, eat in school, or go abroad for a vacation or search for greener pastures. While it is true that we can pacify our yearnings for our mother’s home cooking with every available fast food outlets’ offering, it is still no match from that of what we call “lutong bahay” or “luto ni nanay.” We surely know the difference especially when it comes to our favorite food. Talking about favorite food, mine is definitely “kare-kare.” I just love it so much that if my professor in my ComSD class will precondition my passing the course by eating only kare- kare for the rest of the semester, I would gladly do it. It has enough ingredients in it that you won’t need another recipe to satisfy your gastric desires and have a pleasurable experience. With my favorite kare-kare, I’ll have my meat, it can either be beef of pork, and I’ll also have my vegetables like sitaw, eggplant, pechay and banana blossoms. Not to mention the spices like garlic and onion which I also love. And of course my chili in the “bagoong” or “alamang guisado.” Its’ got peanuts too. See, it’s really a complete meal all by itself. Oh! By the way, I forgot to tell you, it looks great in yellow and orange serve in a “banga.” .