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Blue Winds Dancing VS Everyday

            A Plot Comparison of “Blue Winds Dancing” and “Everyday Use”.
             The plot of “Blue Winds Dancing” and the plot of “Everyday Use” have common endings with the characters having different motivational goals. Both stories end happily, in which the protagonist succeeds the antagonist. The antagonist in “Everyday Use” and the protagonist in “Blue Winds Dancing” both have goals in which they wish to achieve, but only one succeeds. .
             “Blue Winds Dancing” and “Everyday Use” have similar endings. They both end happy. In “Blue Winds Dancing,” the main character is accepted into a social community by the end of the story. The protagonists in “Everyday Use” discover that they are content with the lifestyles they live and do not wish to change. In both stories the antagonist tries to alter the protagonist’s lifestyle by proclaiming that they are “behind times.” These stories end happily because the protagonists do not allow the antagonists to prevail.
             In “Everyday Use,” the antagonist is trying to accomplish a goal while in “Blue Winds Dancing,” the protagonist is trying to accomplish a goal. The goal is achieved in “Blue Winds Dancing,” but not in “Everyday Use.” The antagonist in “Everyday Use” has problems with achieving the goal because the protagonist does allow this to happen. .
             In “Blue Winds Dancing,” the goal is achieved by the protagonist who sets the two stories apart. The characters are similar because they are trying to achieve a set goal, but are different because they both do not accomplish that goal.
             This short interpretation notes only a few similarities and differences of “Blue Winds Dancing” and “Everyday Use” with adequate attention to the scheme of the two stories.