Great Gatsby

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In F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby, the character Jay Gatsby is neither a tragic hero nor a hero at all. In my opinion, Gatsby has done enough work to make it seem as if he classifies to be a hero or a tragic hero. Although behind all of his work, it revealed truly as to who and what he is. There are those who are responsible for the ending of his life. So, those who are around him are all collectively responsible.

Jay Gatsby is not a tragic hero because of his behaviors and actions that was done throughout the book. According to the AP Language on Tragedy and Tragic Flaw/Hero, a tragic hero is a person "who may bring about his or her own downfall because of an error in judgment of because of a personality failure.  Jay Gatsby definitely "bring[s] about his own downfall.' Not only he ruined his own life, he also jeopardized the Buchanan's marriage, even though Tom himself is having an affair. His desire to be with Daisy Buchanan is not ac

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