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Creation Story Comparison

            Creation Stories from Around the World.
             The creation of earth and the people that inhabit it has always been a popular story to tell amongst people of different races and nationalities. The most popular creation story is from the Christian Holy Bible. Many other creation stories exist like that of the Tlingit Tribe of Alaska and the Japanese creation stories of Shinto. These stories are similar in that they all involve the creation of earth and heavens told in the style of certain peoples which usually revolves around a God or Gods. .
             In the Holy Bible the Lord created the earth in six days and rested on the seventh day from all the hard work. On the first day he is said to have created the heavens and the earth. It really doesn’t go any more in depth than that…I would like it to say something more interesting but it doesn’t. On the subsequent days he went on to create the other things on earth like humans and animals. It doesn’t say how he created this stuff. My guess would be he just blinked and it appeared. It looks to me that whoever wrote the bible didn’t pay much attention to detail! The Bible focuses more on the fact that Jesus is God and he created this stuff so end of story. The important things in the bible are the miracles God did and our salvations. The creation story was just a small feat and doesn’t seem to be that important.
             One of the creation stories of the Shinto which is Japanese tells of a quick creation much like that of our bible. It says that heaven, earth, In and Yo were all one and that they had to separated. The clean and pure parts were drawn out and formed the heavens while the dirty and unclean parts formed the earth. The Heavens and the Gods were very important to the Japanese in that they always put the heavens first and did not even mention the creation of man until well after the latter two. This creation story is much like that of the Bible because it is short and sweet and doesn’t contain much detail about the creation of heaven and earth.