If I Should Die Before I Wake

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If I Should Die Before I Wake by Han Nolan

The two main characters in my book were Hilary and Chana. Hilary is a girl who lives in our time. But Chana is a girl who lives in the times during the holocaust. Hilary is sixteen, has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is apart of a neo- Nazi gang in her town and hates all Jewish people. Chana is a Jewish girl during the holocaust, but the book does not describe her appearance. She is about thirteen in the beginning of the book but by the end of the book is nineteen. Hilary is very depressed with her life. She hates almost everything and everyone who is not in her Nazi gang. She became depressed and mean after her father died when his office building burnt down. Hilary was about five years old when her father died. Hilary thinks that his building burnt down because the boss of her father [which is Jewish] was too cheap to hire better security. Hilary is stuck to live with her mother who she does not get along with. As Hilary gets older she meets her boyfriend Brad. Brad gets her into the neo- Nazi gang, where they do chants to Hitler and hurt Jewish teenagers. One

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