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Favorite Song

             My favorite song in the whole world would have to be "Hey Lover  from LL Cool J's
             1995 album titled, "Mr. Smith.  The song is a pleasant collaboration of Mr. Smith and Boyz
             II Men. I love the way the song immediately grabs you on the opening note of the jazzy
             guitar. Followed by the melodic voices of Boyz II Men, you instantly get into a relaxed and
             In the song, LL Cool J raps about how he falls victim of a serious crush on a lady in his
             neighborhood. He is very graphic in explaining this crush and you will soon find yourself
             reminiscing about the crush or two you've had in the past (or present). I can remember a
             crush I had in 12th grade whenever I hear the song..
             The music of the record is comprised of a jazz guitar, which riffs a melancholy note
             every 10 seconds. The electric bass guitar deeply hums a soulful note in the background.
             Percussion is the lifeline of the song and keeps a sleek but steady pace throughout the song.
             Add the rhythmic voices of Boyz II Men and the sensitive, smooth, but confident voice and
             lyrics of LL Cool J and you have a masterpiece.
             I have many favorites but this one in particular is great because it is one of the few
             rap/r&b collaborations that is on my favorites list. I am a true lover of music. I hear not only
             music or words, but I feel the music. That's what's important.

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