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If I Could Change

             If I could change anything in our school it would be the dress code. I would change it because of the outrageous stereotypes about the clothes worn by us students, we should be able to wear what our parents allow us to wear, and it is a form of expression.
             I will first express my views about the stereotypes. People say bandanas are “gang-related”. How is it gang-related? They go by what they see on television. There is no way it is gang-related. If you stop and think about it is a fashion. It is worn on models that walk on runways all over the world. Another example is the spiked necklaces, bracelets, and rings. People think that it means that the people are “Goths” or “Rockers”. It is an also a fashion that is seen on models who walk on runways all over the world. Stereotypes in our dress-code are really big thanks to the adults that think they know it all, who think all teenagers are bad. Well I personally think that they should look again. .
             We should be able to wear what our parents allow us to wear to school. Sure, some people have told me some parents don’t care what their children wear but then that’s on the parents. The administration should have nothing to say about what parents allow their children to wear outside of the home. The administration is punishing all kids for the few that dress without class. If a parent allows his/her child to dress with baggy jeans and baggy shirts then so be it. If a parent allows a child to wear skin-tight clothes with thigh high boots then it is not the administrations problem.
             Dressing is a form of freedom of speech, so really we can dress anyway we want. What we wear shows are true selves. We should be able to wear what makes us happy, not what makes administration or teachers happy. They can’t make us dress a certain way just because they want too.
             The dress code is the really only thing that I would change because I know a lot of students agree with me on this.