Mobile Phone In Teenagers Life

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According to the Oxford dictionary, mobile means moveable or able to move easily and phone refers to apparatus for transmitting sound to a distance. Therefore, mobile phone can be defined as moveable device for transmitting sound to a distance.

The basic concept of the mobile phone began in 1947 when researchers looked at crude mobile (car) phones and realized that using small cells (range of service area) with frequency reuse could increase the traffic capacity of mobile phones substantially, however, the technology to do it was nonexistent. Anything to do with broadcasting and sending a radio or television message out over the airwaves comes under a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulation that a mobile phone is actually a type of two-way radio.

Mobile phones are common now and every person seems to have one. But it has not always been like that. Mobile phones were once a very impossible concept but in nowadays world it seems that everything is possible.

The mobile phones have become a fashion accessory especially for teenagers. They provide the biggest market. They spend most of their pocket money on pre paid cards. The popular "Expression- series by Nokia focuses on teenagers and inclu

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