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The school I am going to focus on is my private school back home in Huron, Ohio, St. Peters' Catholic elementary. It was a small catholic school but large for a town of 6,000 people.

I think the two most important characteristics are Important for all students and Antiracist/Antidiscriminatory. Important for all students I would define as curriculum that everyone should be able to have in their schools. When reading the words, important for all students, I would say that means giving all students mandatory diversity included in the general curriculum. An example that best words my definition in Nieto would be, "Multicultural education is reduced to making exotic masks, eating ethnic foods, ..Etc  (Nieto, 325), "students were unaware of what multicultural education might be if it were approached in a comprehensive manner  (Nieto, 326). By approaching multicultural education in a more comprehensive manner Nieto meant making ethnicity a class and part of mandatory curriculum. Studying ethnicity will make us more tolerable of other cultures. An example

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