Of Mice and Men

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1.) At the beginning and end of the book, Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, both George and Lennie are seen in the same place. This has both a literal and figurative feel to it. Lennie and George actually are in the same place at the beginning and end of the books physically. This same place could be considered a sort of home for them cause as George said, if anything should happen to Lennie, then he should go back to this spot and wait for George. Therefore, it is a safe place that they can both look at and think fondly of. Thinking in the figurative sense, this place is both the birth and death of a dream. Here, we first found out about the dream that both Lennie and George had created. They both knew that this dream would probably never come true but nevertheless, they always kept thinking about it, driving them on from job to job collecting money so that one day, that dream could come true. Not only was this the birthplace and deathbed of a dream, it was also both of those things for a certain mentally challenged friend. It was here that we first met Lennie and found out what he was like. And a the book progressed on, this spot was brought up more and more as Lennie accidentally did this or accidenta

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