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            Conflict Resolution in Organizations.
             Conflict comes about from differences – differences of opinion, differences in thinking, differences in needs and differences in values. Sometimes these differences can complement each other, as in diversity. Everyone encounters situations on a regular basis that affect how one works and relates with other people. But sometimes we will encounter conflict and in dealing with conflict comes about resolution. One key element in building effective organizational partnerships is the creation of conflict resolution processes and systems that encourage people to work through conflicts and to use them to build better partnerships. As leaders encourage high performance organizations they also need to design conflict resolution systems that encourage that can be an effective tool in dealing with day-to-day situations. Conflict resolution in organizations builds stronger and more cohesive organizations and more rewarding relationships. When we fear conflict or perceive it as a negative experience, we harm our chances of dealing with it effectively. Moreover, conflict is neither a positive or negative in situation. Conflict is a natural occurrence. Conflict is a by-product of the diversity that challenges our thoughts, our attitudes, our beliefs, and our perceptions. Each of us has influence and power over whether or not conflict becomes negative and that influence and power is found in the way we handle it. In my organization, (your company), conflict is a way of life and is something that must be dealt with accordingly. Being skillful in resolving conflict is an important managerial tool. Senior and middle level management typically utilize a Win-Win approach in dealing with conflict at (your company). .
             Win-Win conflict is achieved by a blend of both high cooperativeness and high assertiveness (Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn, 2000, p.383). The Win-Win Approach is about changing the conflict from an adversarial situation to a situation of mutual cooperation and satisfaction.