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All of my life I've wanted to be an officer of the law, more specifically an R.C.M.P.

Though as my life went on and I grew older I realized that these goals maybe unreachable. So I set out in the world of finding a career that would satisfy my financial and family needs, and personal goals. In the next few paragraphs I will try to describe how my work history never compared to my goals and expectations of my dreams, and hopefully come to some conclusions on where they lead me. My dream of being a police officer started at a very young age, as a child playing I was always a cop, never the bad guy, or every time I passed a police cruiser or officer of the law I was astonished at the man in the uniform, not the man, but "the uniform  was a symbol of lawfulness to me. All through my growing years I respected the "uniform , and what it stood for. As I grew older I began more and more to realize that this was the career for me, as I've always felt a need for helping people and my community.

I started out at the age of nine learning about a new world, work. I was a stock boy in my father's store, in a busy part of the city. where it was a common place for police officers to grab a snack

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