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             After you read the play Julius Caesar you will be able to connect to what I am saying. If you have not had the opportunity to read the play yet that is not a reason to not read my essay. In the play there are basically to main characters Brutus and Cassius. They are plotting a plot to kill Caesar. In my essay I will tell you in my opinion who I believe who is the best suitable to lead the plot against the assassination.
             According to my first resource of information the most suitable to lead the plot would be Brutus. They had many good reasons why they believed this. First of all they used who he knew to make him look better; he was friends with the famous followers of the Greek Philosopher Plato. His character was described as earnest and reflective, and he was known for acting upon any issue only after thoughtful reflection and a deliberate moral choice, which made him highly respected by his contemporaries, so according to the facts of the site (http://heraklia.fws1.com/contemporaries/brutus/index.html) Brutus was the most suitable for the job.
             Now for my opinion, I believe that the slyest should be the leader of the "military plots" most of my opinions can be backed up by www.sparknotes.com. Cassius is a talented general and a longtime acquaintance of Caesar; he does not like how Caesar is a godlike figure so he thinks the way to fix it is to kill Caesar. Here is how is military tactics work, who would think of forging letters to alter the beliefs of the majority by majority I mean the Romans. It had to be Cassius and this is what he did along with numerous other things. Cassius was a "shrewd opportunist" and for this I believe he was the best for the job.
             My last information paragraph, now I know that this can be argued vary easily but it's my opinion and this is an opinion essay. I believe that there is evidence that in many ways Cassius was the mastermind of the plot in the play.

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