My Family History

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Every year my family members usually come home together to have new year dinner. Especially last year, we celebrated for one family member (my brother) who just came to US from VN. Normally, after my father's statement, everybody started eating, talking and giving to each other all the best wishes for new year. I sat at the corner of the table and looked at every single family face. I mutely thanked God for he has given us the strength to pass all the difficulties. I suddenly remembered the day we just came to the US. With a big family, we had a lot of things to support: food, cloth, furniture, etc.. that is why we started to look for job right away. My father, the main worker in the family, found an assembly job but they paid him a little because he had no experience and he was old. Besides that, my brothers and I couldn't stay there and look. We also got some work to do even we didn't like the kind of work: dish washer, toilet cleaner, waiter or whatever. At that time, "work" had a meaning like "to survive" for my family. And that word is attached

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