Life Lessons

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The age of when a child begins to grow into a mature adult is never accurate, for it is different for every child. Every child goes through different events at different ages that causes them to grow due to the life they lead. Jean Louise Finch was only a mere age of six when she starts to learn life's most significant lessons. But it is not through school where she learned this education about life, but through her own personal experiences and events that involved the residents of her home town of Maycomb. Through each of these experiences, Jean Louise, or Scout, learned another lesson. In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird, Scout learned many life lessons and matures through Tom Robinson's trial, meeting Boo Radley, and her own father Atticus.

Due to the Tom Robinson trial, Scout learned lessons that she would remember all her life. Before the trial, Scout never knew Maycomb for its mistreatment towards blacks. She did not have much knowledge about blacks, and not until she witnessed the trial did she notice the management of blacks in her own town. She started understanding the hostility towards blacks after Atticus became the lawyer of Tom Robinson, and even experiences the mistreatment herself.

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