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John F. Kennedy Conspiracy

             Kennedy assassinated by the madness of a lone gunman? Or was he conspired against? Was his assassination a conspiracy? Br Paul, and fellow students, this is the issue I"m here to discuss today. This morning I will give you photographic evidence as well as video evidence, to back my opinion that JFK was killed by more than one person and on the go-ahead of more than one group.
             It seemed that President Kennedy had a knack for creating enemies wherever he turned. When JFK first came to power the CIA was full of furtive cells, subgroups, and enthusiastic spooks who acted with impunity and whose modus operandi was "plausible deniability." Organised crime was also large; they had political power and government authorities doing their bidding through bribes and blackmail, to outright murder. JFK kicked out all the corrupt government officials he could find and also gave the police more power to deal with the mafia. .
             Then there was Castro and the Cuban Missile crisis. In early 1961 President John F. Kennedy concluded that Fidel Castro was a Soviet client working to subvert Latin America. After much debate in his administration Kennedy authorized a clandestine invasion of Cuba by a brigade of Cuban exiles, but the operation collapsed in spectacular failure within 2 days. Kennedy took public responsibility for the mistakes made, but remained determined to rid Cuba of Castro. .
             The person accused and originally found guilty was Lee Harvey Oswald. He was a riddle wrapped in an enigma shrouded in mystery if ever there was one. Evidence of varying reliability has linked Oswald to virtually every group that had a reason to want Kennedy dead. In the years before Kennedy's death, Oswald worked as a radar operator at U-2 spy plane base, defected to the Soviet Union and married the niece of a KGB colonel.

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