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Music Videos

            The music videos, for the songs, "Father of Mine" by Everclear, and "Family Portrait" by Pink, send messages that reflect the culture of our society. Both of these videos demonstrate how break-ups in families can result in unhappiness and social & mental dysfunctions. The criteria that can be compared between the two are the roles of males. The most obvious differences between the clips are the places and time. Use of colour can be both compared and contrasted.
             The roles of males in the video clips can be compared. In both of the music videos, the father has separated from the mother, leaving the child feeling insecure and unhappy. In the Everclear clip, when the younger Everclear is with his dad he is extremely happy, and also sings about the good memories he had with his dad, but when his father leaves he is unhappy. In the Pink clip, although it does not show the father leaving, the fact that only two girls appear to live in the house suggests that the father has left, leaving both the mum and child unhappy. (It's also in the lyrics!). Both of these examples show our society the stereotypical scenario of the male leaving his family, and also leaving his wife to bring up their children. This message can make the viewers understand what it is like to be in a separated family, which can help them understand our society and the people in it better.
             Another criteria that can be compared are colour and lighting. In both of the clips, dark lights and dull colours are used to portray unhappiness, whereas bright lights and lots of colour are used to portray happiness. In the Everclear clip, many bright colours are used when Everclear is with his dad, when he is older (and finally happy again), when he is with his band, and basically every other time he is happy. In the pink clip, the "Happy Family" on the television, eating "Happy Cereal" is very colourful and bright, however when Pink is older and all alone (and unhappy), the colours aren"t very bright and colourful.

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