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            Humanities, art, style, genius, culture, bourgeois what do each of these words mean? They all tie in to each other, in that they are all part of the human experience. In this essay I will define each of these terms, and show what they mean to me personally.
             Webster's Dictionary defines the term "humanities" as "Those branches of knowledge, such as philosophy, literature, and art, that are concerned with human thought and culture; the liberal arts." One might say that the humanities consist of subjects that are outside of the fields of science and mathematics; the fields that cannot be defined by hard numbers. To me, it can be a very broad, multifaceted subject, because there can be so many things to learn about just one race, ethnicity, or country. To touch base on just one aspect of a specific culture would already be a challenge in itself - having to study the humanity of the human race would take a lifetime. .
             One subject tied to humanities is art. Art can be a visual expression of the culture being portrayed. Art is "the creation of works of beauty, especially visual ones." Art, in many cases, is usually an expression of the artist and his/her views on the world. It is ever changing, ever evolving, and eternal. From the first known cave paintings to the technology-driven expression of the graphic arts and 3D animation, new styles of art are evolving and will continue to develop. Although many of the greatest works of art have been traditional, such as oil paintings and sculptures, I believe the future of art lies within those who create it. If you take a brief look into the history of art, you can see some examples of how art has evolved. If not for revolutionaries like Monet, Picasso, or Warhol, art might not be where it is today. To me, it is the reflection of the world we live in, and our progress through it. .
             The styles portrayed in these artists differ from one another, thus bringing a new concept of what art should be.

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