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Forest Gump

             This famous movie produced in 1994 was one of history's classics. This sharp movie was produced by Wendy Finerman, Steve Tisch, Steve starkey, while directed by Robert Zemeckis. I first watched this movie in theaters followed by many times at home, or at other relatives' houses. This movie shows a life to portray significant social events in the United States of America, in the 1960's to 80's. It's about a man named Forest Gump who seemed to be stupid, but accomplished more in his life than the average person. The movie contains three main stars: Forest, Jenny, and Lieutenant Dan Taylor. This classic movie is one of America's top movies and i'm going to critique it for you.
             Forest tells his life story sitting at a bus stop comparing it to a box of chocolates. It flashes back to him being a small boy in country of Alabama. He starts off a troubled child with braces on his legs and seems to be an idiot. He progresses to become a football player and a successful bussiness man. Forest teaches how one can go from a poor unintelligent child to still a not so bright billionaire. He achieves a lot more than the average man in his life. He joined the army, was sent to Vietnam war, awarded the congressional medal awarded by president Nixon, and from spending time in a hospital from an injury, he picked up ping-pong. He becomes the ping-pong champion. With the money he picked up he takes advice from his friend "Bubba" and becomes a shrimp boat camptain which led to his biggest success. He ends up living life rich and marring Jenny which died shortly after they were married. In the end, it seems his boy Forest was starting his exciting journey the same way his dad did.
             Forest Gump had real events in it and was very correct on the time period of these historical events. For example the Vietnam war was presented in the movie and the year was correct, 1963. A real person in the movie was president Nixon who was president during this time period.

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