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Phenomenon Movie Review

             Title: Phenomenon.
             Director: Jon Turtletaub.
             Main Stars : John Travolta , .
             Robert Duvall , .
             Kyra Sedgwick ,.
             Forest Whitaker.
             Date Of Release : 07/03/1996.
             The movie Phenomenon is about a kind , average , and simple small -town mechanic named George Malley . On his 37th birthday , he has an encounter with a bright light that gives him extraordinary powers of intellect . When his powers become evident to the town , the people he has known his whole life start to turn on him , finding his abilities scary and even threatening . Eventually , the FBI even investigates him . .
             On the surface , this movie appears to be a science fiction , but as you watch it you realize that this is in fact a romance or even a drama . The main focus of Phenomenon is not the powers that Malley displays (although they are quite remarkable ) but the personal relationships that exist between the Malley , his friends , and his love interest (played by Kyra Sedgwick) . Malley is essentially a genius after his birthday , he reads four or five books a day , can learn languages effortlessly , and is always having new ideas pop into his head . He can even move things ( a pen in one scene ) with his mind , by "asking" it to . .
             The great part about this movie though , is that although George receives these wonderful powers , he does not become vain , or go insane , or put his mind to waste . He remains the same sweet , sincere , generous person he was at the beginning of the movie through to the end . In fact , he is such a likable character , that you wonder if anyone but Travolta could of played the part . You will enjoy the scenes in which he shows his great personality , when he's setting his best friend up , and helping find a sick little boy .

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