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Forest gump

             The film Forest Gump, is an intriguing piece that has captured the hearts and minds of a generation. The movie is so memorable to those that have seen it because it stirs up feelings and emotions that other films just can't seem to do. Forest Gump is not only an interesting and entertaining movie, but is exceptionally inspiring as well. The journey though Forest's life is not only deeply fascinating, but is also thought provoking. Although the voyage is observed and narrated through the main character, the viewer is brought along back with him and is giving opportunities to evaluate and make opinions about the people and places he has seen on the way. The film is one of those unique movies that leave a lasting impression on its audience as well as our culture. Forest Gump is a must see movie for audiences of all ages, races and economic backgrounds.
             Something of interest is something that grabs our intention or provokes thought about a particular subject. In the case of this movie, most all aspects appealed to my sense of interest. The development of Forest's character yields many different situations in which he must endure for the film to proceed. One of the most interesting aspects of this movie is seeing this supposedly "stupid" man's life unfold into endless possibilities and scenarios. It tracks his unlikely stardom as a football player at the University of Alabama, to a war hero, to ping pong champion, to shrimp boat captain and so on. The scenarios and events he encounters in his life are realistic and can be relatable for audiences of all types. For every endeavor that he embarks on, are inevitably real life problems and challenges that all of use face everyday, and seeing a man of little intelligence maneuver and navigate his way through these situations is appealing to my interests.
             Not only is interest an important aspect of observation, but the entrainment factor as well.

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