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            Antigone is a play about a family that has been torn apart by the fury of combat. Antigone and her sister Ismene mourn the death of their two brothers, Etocles and Polynices. Etocles is buried with honors, however, Polynices is branded a rebel and left for the birds to ravage. Although Antigone is fully aware of the consequences if she buries her brother, she follows through with her plan. For Antigone, living dishonorably is worse that death. Some people in today's society agree with this view when related to the topic of the military draft. They think that, in this case, a person's integrity should be valued more than the consequence.
             The draft is a very controversial issue that affects all young men today. At the age of eighteen, they are required to register for the draft. In the case that a war occurs, they are then forced into battle over issues that they sometimes are not even educated about. They are sent to fight these "blind battles" in an effort to defend their country. In most cases, they will not be forced to join with the military because it is not wartime. Still they have no choice in the matter. "2,800,000 of the 4,735,000 men who fought in WWI were drafted" (Compton's Encyclopedia Online). Some men were less agreeable about war and refused to be drafted. In the late 1960s and early 1970s the resistance of the Cold War merged with the strong negative feelings towards the Vietnam War there by becoming a huge protest. Men had to choose to abide by the law and fight for their country, or stand up for what they believed in and rebel against the draft. Antigone has to make the same decision. She knows the laws that Creon has set, and she knows that burying Polynices will result in her death. Being that Creon is Antigone's uncle, it is a difficult decision to make. She does what she feels is right and honors her brother by giving him a proper burial. .
             During wartime, men must make an important decision.

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