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             A little busy bee tries to find someplace to lie down and cool herself off. She lands on a big clear window near a bunch of green plants, and climbs into the room through the wide-open window. .
             A sweet fragrance welcomes and freshens her once she steps into the room. That's a smell of a variety of fruits mixing together. It magically cheers people up and makes their day better. Looking around, she sees a lot of dolls in this room, so obviously it is a girl's bedroom. On the window platform around her, there are four dolls lining up. One of them is called Puca, she is an Asian doll wearing a pretty red tiny shirt with several white dots on it; the other two are baby-twins wearing diapers, and the fourth one is a Scottish instrument player wearing a black and red traditional Scotch skirt and playing a bagpipe. By looking at those dolls, the little bee gets a feeling that they are always looking at her, welcoming her to come to this room. She feels warm and happy. Beside these dolls, there is a hand-made mask. It is one of those kinds of masks which are used in a 60's costume party. The color of this mask is basically violet with a little bit of black and white dots around the corner. On the top-right side, there are two feathers colored with indigo and purple respectively. Flying down the window platform, she lands on a brownish wooden desk. On the desk, there is a very thick grand new textbook. She tries to move it, but the book seems too heavy to be moved. This book has approximately 1000 pages with a black hard cover. It is called "Calculus." At this time, wind blows the blue curtain, bringing the smell of summer inside. The room is suddenly filled with brightness and hope. Outside, sun is shining, and birds are singing on the top of the trees. It must be a very good place to study. On the other side of the desk, there lies a laptop. It is totally black with a silver logon "Dell" on the top.

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