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Room Decorating

            Your space is a reflection of yourself; it will never be finished or perfect. Like you, it will always be a work in progress. (Home & Garden "Thoughts on Decorating", march 2003) .
             Homemaking is much more complicated than people may realize. There is a lot of steps in perfecting your home. There's housekeeping, basic furnishing, shapes, upholstered furniture, Patterns, color schemes and of course style. .
             One problem people have in decorating their home is time. You may be a busy person but there is no reason you cannot try some quick projects to brighten up your room. Paint one wall your favorite color and make it the focal point. Hang interesting art on that wall and move a nice piece of furniture there to improve the appearance. Try, Greenery it always adds a breath of fresh air to a room, it makes the room seem brand new and energetic allowing you to get a second boost of energy. Hang pictures that reflect your personality. Try frames that are more elaborate. When hanging a mirror, try to position it so that it reflects a nice view or an interesting architectural element. Group related objects together, in sets of three or five. Try to vary the shapes. This displays your personality. The most simplest and quickest thing you can do to make your room feel like home is abolishing the clutter. Clutter has a way of eliminating the preferred mood and effect of any room. Find storage spaces for papers, toys, and other items that take from the personality of a room.
             Want an easy way to add texture and style? Add decorative pillows; they can be changed to jazz up a sofa or calm down a full-size chair. Similar to decorative pillows, throws and Afghans add texture to your furniture. They come in all kinds of natural and man-made fabrics. Find a pattern and style that you like. Another good texture for rooms is Quilts; they look charming hung over a quilt rack in a master or guest bedroom. Besides their decorative appeal, they function as an additional source of warmth on those cold evenings.

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