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Decorating A Dorm Rooms

             Whether you are a freshman feeling anxious and excited about college and cannot wait to move out or a senior who cannot wait to graduate, your dorm room will be a home away from home for the next four years. It should be a place where you can study and provide a sense of comfort for those late nights with the books. A large budget is not required in decorating a dorm room. Creativity and space-saving smarts are the keys to making on-campus living both fun and functional.
             Include your roommate in your decorating plans. Find out what he/she has in mind. Having a roommate with the same exact style as you is unlikely. Some people prefer a subtle atmosphere, whereas some prefer a lot of color and accessories. Try to coordinate the styles together, but do not feel pressured. You both need a space where you feel comfortable to express yourself and your personal style. .
             Since you will use your dorm room for several purposes such as: studying, socializing, and sleeping, every inch counts. Make the most of the desk area by stacking shelves on the desk to create storage and display space; utilize storage boxes under the bed for food, clothes, and cleaning supplies; and consider raising your bed off the floor with a loft. If both roommates raise the beds, the floor space will be almost doubled. Chairs for sitting or the desk can be placed in the newly created extra floor space. String wire across the ceiling and hang baskets or colorful bags from it to create additional storage. Closet organizers also function as extra storage for many items in a limited space.
             Start with the largest item in the room, the bed. Not only will the bed be a main hang out for lounging, reading, and sleeping, it is a major piece of furniture in what is probably a less than spacious room. It is important to choose a comforter that reflects your style and personality. Finding a comforter you like will also help determine the color scheme and create a theme for the rest of the room.

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