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Color - Learning and Memory

             Ever wonder how we would function in a room painted all one color? In this study, we focused on the learning and memory capabilities of children in various elementary schools when placed in rooms painted in different color schemes. Our purpose was to determine whether the color on the walls in a classroom affected the learning and memory capabilities of the children. We were also interested to see if a cool color scheme had more of an effect on the child than a warm color scheme. And finally, we were interested to see if gender played a role in the different color schemes. In this study, two similar lesson plans on a single subject will be administered to the children. One lesson plan will be in a classroom with common and normal decorations. Another lesson plan will be taught in a classroom with either all cool color decorations or warm color decorations. If a correlation was found between the color scheme and learning and memory abilities, schools and other learning institutes could use the results and apply them to their facilities. The children would then take a post lesson quiz and also be given a survey about the material they learned and what they thought of the classroom. There have been previous studies with color psychology and how that has an effect on people. By expanding on those previous studies, we can test their data and apply it to our study. .
             Do the colors on walls affect us more than we think?.
             Teachers will often wonder what they can hang in their classrooms or pin to their boards in order for students to get the most out of their lesson plans. What if by simply changing the color of the walls or choosing to go with decorations in a more specific color scheme affected the student more than other decorations? In this study we will examine the effects of color schemes on classroom walls and elementary student's learning and memory abilities. The results will be determined by the mean average of each classroom as well as the difference in grades between males and females.

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