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            Collage of Life .
             Fall, Spring, Summer and Winter are seasons of changing times. When plants, animals and humans develop and contribute to life and its surroundings. Everything starts out being born and slowly adapts into its own environment, allowing memories to consume into the minds of people. Even small things in life create the most priceless memory most of the time by picking a season and relating it to a time when you could have become independent for yourself instead of being dependant upon your family. This for you could be the beginning of your own journey by discovering the world on you own, after your environment has nurtured you and let you grow.
             Cycle of Life:.
             Looking around a park full of trees much bigger than you or I, are also part of this development cycle. For instance once a mother seed was migrated from a branch it hung onto by the wind. It carried the seed off the branch into a tumbling fall. This allowed the .
             Delaney, Pg. 2.
             tiny baby seeds inside the hollow shell to disperse into the winds hands and be cradled down into the dirt so that the nutrients of the earth could hold them, until they are ready to become independent. The baby seeds then would produce itself into something much greater at the end of its long journey; an oak tree.
             Priceless Memory:.
             Leaves are falling and I"m running through my yard without shoes. I can feel the soft green grass glide through my toes and see some multi-colored leaves on the ground freshly raked into piles.; the starting of fall. The wind is blowing and I can hear the whistling of the trees swaying in the wind as if they were saying hello by greeting the new season. I am hypnotized by the beautiful place which I stand at, looking around as if I've been lost into a different world. I suddenly yell out, "OUCH!" as a sharp pain runs through my foot. I look down to notice an empty dried seed shell that looks as if it were a gumball with spikes jabbing outward.

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