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Psychology Paper - Memory and Daydreams

            Daydreams are a part of waking consciousness and for some people, daydreaming may take up half their free time. From the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, an article entitled, "Daydreaming Style Moderates the Relation Between Working Memory and Mind Wandering: Integrating Two Hypotheses" by David Marcussen-Clavertz and Etzel Cardena from Lund University and Devin Blair Terhune from the University of Oxford state their findings in an experiment that researchers the effects of how certain daydreams have an impact on executive processes. .
             Previous hypotheses that related to daydreaming and its effect on the conscious mind involved contradicting results and therefore, these researchers set out to find the relation between the two. The first, control-failure hypothesis states that "mind wandering is interpreted as a form of attentional lapse more likely to occur in individuals with low executive resources," (Marcusson-Clavertz, Cardena, & Terhune, 2016, p.451) while the second, global availability hypothesis states that mind wandering uses executive resources and that an excess of those resources should be linked to mind wandering more often. The researchers conclude that these two hypotheses are related but focus on two different questions (Marcusson-Clavertz et al., 2016). Furthermore, in the article, Marcusson-Clavertz, Cardena and Terhune describe how the content of daydreams are relative to these hypotheses because they expected individuals who thought they had more positive mind wandering episodes were more likely to use executive resources to let mind wandering occur which goes along with the global availability hypothesis, while individuals who thought their daydreams were more negative tended to use their executive resources to prohibit mind wandering which goes along with the control failure hypothesis. The researchers hypothesis was to examine whether "daydreaming style moderates the relation between executive control capacities and mind wandering in daily life and to investigate the ecological validity of mind wandering laboratory tasks.

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