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             "Finally, the tedious school day is over," I sighed as I carelessly threw aside my bulging backpack filled up to its capacity. "But there is still homework to complete! When will this ever end? It is just like "The Never-Ending Story" movie, except its "Never-Ending" homework in this case.".
             Flipping through my Excalibur to April twenty - third, two thousand three, I indolently read aloud my homework assignments:.
             "Math: problems PW-26 to PW-38; French I: spiral page 138 along with bookwork on page 188; Biology: chapter 38 review questions worksheet and chapter 29 vocabulary; English Honors I: rough draft on anything descriptive due Monday.".
             Suddenly, my mind flashed back to a daunting incident in Carmel Beach, where the gargantuan waves tower above the sky and plunge down, crashing onto the broken down sand and shiny sleek stones, as if their intent was to crush them into minute jagged bits. Shaking my head to jump out of that distressing memory, I decided to write about the well remembered memory. Although the original magenta hat was long gone, I still keep in mind that it was my one and only beloved hat. Then, with thoughts rushing to my head about the unpleasant incident, I reminisced back into the memory.
             While scurrying to the beach with my favorite magenta hat on my head, I dreamt about the lanky sandcastle that my parents and I would create, which would of course be embellished in an assortment of iridescent seashells.
             "Slow down! Avoid the waves, they might eat you up!" Dad jovially joked.
             Chortling, I sat down on the desired spot, where its future would be the landmark supporting the world's elite sand skyscraper. We began to make my dream sand skyscraper, but when I stood back to admire our arduous work, it appeared corpulent and grotesque with the dry sand sliding down, back to its fellow grains and back to where it came from. Disapprovingly, I grimaced; I tried my best to be a perfect seven-year-old.

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