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What It Means To Be An American

             What does it mean to be an American? .
             Being an American means to be apart of one of the greatest countries in the world with a resilient military and outstanding economy. Being an American means having freedom, justice and liberty. Anyone can be an American. Our country is made up of many different cultures, races and religions. However, being an American also means being despised by other countries who view us a pompous and arrogant.
             With the largest military in the world, Americans can depend on the military to protect us. Especially after September 11, Americans can rely on the military to keep this country as safe as possible. Not only does America have a strong military but it has a strong economy as well. America has a great economy and often gives money and provides aid for other countries. Being an American means having the right to free speech, press and religion. Because our country is culturally diverse it gives people the right to choose the religion they want to practice and the clothes they want to wear. Being an American means celebrating and honoring each others. differences. After the devastating attacks of September 11th Americans came together and supported each other. Patriotism spread throughout out the country and no one felt more proud to call themselves Americans or to wave our flag.
             Most of all being an American means to appreciate the country we live in and to never take for granted the privilege of calling ourselves American.

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