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What it Means To Be An American

             The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the word America is freedom. Many people don't understand what freedom means because they have always had it, only when you have never had freedom can you actually appreciate the true value of it.
             America is very prosperous due to the fact that every one is free. People from other countries strive to be free , some even risk their lives to become part of America and enjoy the fruits of freedom. In America you have unalienable rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In America you can say whatever you want about any topic you want whenever you choose, in most other country's you would be tortured or killed for speaking your mind on certain topics. In America you can experience all types of cultures just by driving around town. We have food, language, as well as clothing from all areas of the world within only a few miles. .
             In America representatives as well as leaders are chosen by the people for the people. The people choose who they want in power and if something happens the people also have the power to remove any one from leadership. we have very good courts , police , and laws to protect Americas people and punish those who fail to follow the laws. Having expressed my views on what I think it is to be an American , I would like to state, that I never want to be anything besides an American, I personally enjoy the things I have and the fact that I am free to make my own choices. The red, white, and blue will always be my home.

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