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My Role In A Changing World

            A great philosopher once said that to be in one with the world, you have to change with the world. There are too many people in this world that want to keep things at one steady pace. Now, I"ll admit, I am a person of tradition. But the world changes too incredibly fast for everything to stay static and traditional.
             Most people think that every person has a certain role that they were put on earth for. To me, it sounds logical but I just don"t think things can get done that way. While we each have a hidden talent that comes out, I think that each person needs to expand his or her horizon past that one talent.
             Think of it this way: There is a business. A very fast-growing money making business. There are 200 people working there. Every one person has one job that they are good at, and that is the only thing they know how to do. What happens when one person gets sick or quits? No one else knows how to do his job. Perhaps it would be better if everyone could do every job.
             While many of us wish for the good life and want better things, not all of us are ready to admit what it takes to get there. Changing our future and shaping our lives are part of everyone's hopes and desires. The dawning comes when we realize it takes knowledge, learning, ambition, and hope to achieve what we want in life. Life can only be what you make it. .
             Many people see their life and the world as one big motion-picture movie. They fall in love like in the movies, they get into arguments like in the movies, and they also pick their battles like in the movies. But sometimes we can get carried away with all the acting. .
             Some people live everyday to the fullest and take every opportunity that comes their way. While others lead a more successful though structured life. And then there are the others who choose to be both. I consider myself as one with this category.
             I find that, like many people, I am contradictory.

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