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Differences from the Start to end the of the French Revoluti

            Differences from the start to end the of the French Revolution in the political, economic, and social areas.
             France had many changes in the government and in the political area. The major one of course was that France changed from an absolute, to a limited monarchy. The leader that started absolutism was Louis XIV, and Louis XVI ruined it. Eventually Napoleon came into power, so there were many changes in leaders. Another large one was also that France was also no longer the strongest country in all of Europe. In addition, France was given a constitution, which outlined the structures and functions of the government. Although those are a few of the major ones, there are many more that were still very important. Another change would be that all citizens were eligible for government and church positions. Furthermore, the laws were made by the citizens, which enforced the fact that all citizens were equal. The government also ran the church, and sold it to those who could afford it. Also, the nobles, after resistance, were forced to give up their rights, at which point they were unable to collect dues from peasants, and become un-immune to taxes. Another reform would be that Napoleon divided the country up into departments, and that the ultimate power was the state. Another reform was all of the Napoleonic code, which is still used today. Also, political borders were rearranged and there was no feudalism, or it was at least weakened. .
             There were also many economic changes throughout the course of the revolution. At the end of the French Revolution, everyone had to pay taxes, which is a huge change from the beginning. All of the taxes were collected by officials, and deposited in the National Bank of France, which was another reform. This bank gave business loans, and issued paper money, which helped to bring inflation under controlled. Also, there were no more estates, which is another large change.

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