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             Evolution is probably the eighth wonder of the world. It is widely discussed, debated, argued, studied, by scientists every where how the universe, or time itself began and everyone has their own idea of what happened. There are absolutely hundreds of different theories provide by scientists some based on religion, some based on pure evolution that we evolved from apes. No one knows for 100% sure.
             The first hypothesis of the creation of earth was developed by Soviet scientist Alexander Oparin and British scientist J.B.S. Haldane in the 1920s. They said that the atmosphere was made up of methane, ammonia, hydrogen, and water vapor. According to their hypothesis, energy such as radiation, cosmic rays, lighting, and heat from volcanic eruptions, reacted with the atmosphere to make the first organic compounds. These organisms accumulated in the oceans until it consisted of a hot dilute soup. Then life evolved further to make a complex organic soup. They thought that the first living compounds were heterotrophs. These heterotrophs took in organic compounds as food and kept multiplying. Eventually their food source of organic compounds ran low so they had to come up with another source of energy thus the autotroph emerged. The autotroph made it's own food from photosynthesis. Then the heterotrophs took in the autotrophs as an energy source. This made a never-ending cycle of energy. The heterotrophs had been using oxygen for their respiration, the oxygen, like the organic compounds started to run low so there need to be another source for respiration. The autotroph once again solved the problem. The autotroph uses carbon dioxide for its respiration. The autotroph used the carbon dioxide and turned it to oxygen for the heterotrophs to use. The heterotroph used the oxygen and turned it to carbon dioxide for the autotrophs to use. This made a never-ending cycle of respiration. .
             One of the most popular beliefs of evolution is the Big Bang Theory.

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