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Freedom Obligations

            Ever since I was a little boy, I have always wanted to operate my own business. Everyday I would go into my dad's business, which is a bowling center, and watch him clean, do book work, and then serve customers. I always wanted to be my own boss, to have the freedom to choose my wages and my hours. Living in the United States, I am allowed to have my own business because the government gives me the freedom to do so. It gives me loans to help start up my business, and provide laws that protect me from bankruptcy. Business ownership is a freedom I have, but along with it comes obligations that I must follow. I am obligated to serve all customers, hire employees without discriminating, and pay taxes. .
             Living in the United States of America, I am allowed to buy my own property and create whatever business I wish on that land. The United States of America also has laws to protect my business and me from bankruptcy. That is one of the best things a government can do for a person who might not be able to make it in the job market. I can take a risk starting my own business and try to make my own money, because the government will help me do that. With this freedom of being able to operate my own business, there are obligations. I have an obligation to serve all my customers .
             fairly. That includes charging competitive prices, treating customers with respect, and maintaining my building so it appeals to and meets the needs of my customers. .
             The freedom of owning your own business also comes with an obligation to hire and treat employees fairly. All employees deserve good pay, benefits, and respect. Living in this great Nation, all people have the right to be treated equal regardless of your skin color or age. One of the benefits of freedom is to work and collect a paycheck for your work. An employee has an obligation to work hard and the employer has the obligation to pay him for his work.

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