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Freedom's Obligation

             Freedoms Obligation is being obligated to use your freedom to the best you can to help other succeed in their lives. The United States have used its freedom to help many people in their fight for freedom. .
             In the beginning Englishmen moved to America to escape the tyranny of their leaders to live a free life. But they found out that it was not that easy. They fought in the Revolutionary War and this war was fought sole on fight to be free. And in World War 2 the United Stats fought Germanys so that Jewish people would not be persecuted and to be free from comunizem. We sacrificed our own people to save other people that didn't concern us at all but we fought for their rights and freedom. In the Vietnam War we fought for the end of communism and the freedom of the innocent people being killed.
             We must all fight and be proud for our country for it is one of the few countries that stand up for people who cant do it for themselves. The United States has an obligation to stand up to those who try to take freedom from any one, and we must be right behind our country instead of griping about how messed up our country is when we could be living in other countries were if you talked about the leader of the country you would be stoned to death. So we must be thankful we live in a place were it gives all people a chance to be successful in whatever they want to try. Some Americans only criticize our leader and say that this country is backward but it would go to a country which hates us and give them food and fresh water.
             In conclusion Americans should be behind our county for it lets us be free and helps others too. We all have an obligation to help those in need. God blessed us to live in a place were we can say what we feel and not be punished for it so we must be thankful to live here.

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