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Freedoms Obligation

             We have freedom today because of the veterans of war that have sacrificed their lives for us to live. Some have died to give us freedom. Some have been injured to never make their life the same again. Others have not been injured, and not died, but remember gruesome scenes that will haunt them forever. Many wars have been fought; many tears have been shed to give us the freedom we have today.
             In the Civil War the North fought the South for the freedom of the slaves. Early European settlers brought the slaves to America in the 1600s. Slaves were used to plant and harvest crops, clear land, build houses and shops, and do household chores. Slaves did all this and got nothing in return. The slaves deserved freedom, just like the rest of us. Even though these slaves deserved freedom, all throughout the first half of the nineteenth century, the North and the South struggled to find a solution to the slavery issue. The warriors of the Civil War had hot lead shed through their bodies to give the slaves the freedom they have today. Without the Civil War, where would our government be today? Would blacks still be slaves? Would we have the great military status we have today?.
             To show that you appreciate freedom that the United States provides, you should follow the law and do what the government thinks is right. Following the law means doing what is right and not doing things that are illegal. If you do things that are illegal you could get punished and lose the right to have freedom because you will be put in jail. If you do not do what is right and legal you could also get punished with fines, losing your license, or community service, or even much worse jail time and the death penalty.
             The flag of the United States symbolizes freedom throughout the world. When people look at the flag of the United States, they see freedom. The 13 stripes on the flag represent the original 13 colonies.

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