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The Flag We Should All Love

             For almost all Americans red, white and blue are not just some primary colors. When brought together they represent patriotism, love for our country and illustrate one of our most sacred living symbols of the United States, the American flag. The flag has become more than just a piece of cloth that is waved all across America. It is a meaningful symbol that should be treated with respect, dignity, and gratitude. .
             Americans have chosen to make the flag of the United States one of the most visible and recognizable symbols of today. "It is a universal feature that flutters in the air over our schools, our government buildings, parks, and our homes. We acknowledge it ritually before or during a wide range of athletic, cultural, and social events. We hold it in such high regards in order to identify ourselves as citizens of the United States of America" (Guenter 15). How can one properly know how to treat the flag that we have such high regards for without flag etiquette laws? This has been an issue that has been debated about over and over again. Therefore, the government needed to create a flag code in order to protect a symbol that exemplifies freedom, equality, justice, and humanity (Guenter 207). Unfortunately, most Americans do not even know what these laws are. Whether or not one agrees with the laws every U.S citizen should know them. They were written about a symbol we hold so close to our hearts and are necessary in providing respect for something that every American should learn to love and honor. .
             "Washington D.C. participants declared that the flag represents the living country and is itself considered as a living thing. So that citizens would know how to care for and .
             display the flag properly, Congress adopted the Flag Code of 1942" (Sedeen 224). It is essential that Americans be educated about these laws. Although the flag should be displayed every day, some days hold more importance than others do.

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