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            Marx's theoretical work is the understanding of the nature of human beings and .
             how they have constructed their historical world. Marx is considered a modernist because .
             his views and theories fit the meaning of Modernity, which are human freedom and the .
             right to free choice. To Marx, Capitalism is a barrier to the notion of human freedom and .
             choice. Five aspects of his political theory are: how he views human nature, effects of .
             Capitalism on human natures with emphasis on significance of labor, class struggles .
             within Capitalism, the demise of Capitalism and the need for the transition to .
             Communism. .
             Marx belief of human nature is that it changes over time; it is historical and .
             dynamic. In understanding human nature, it is important to understand what part labor .
             plays in human nature. "To be Human is to labor," therefore Marx believes that humans .
             work in the world with other humans in exchange with nature to get what they desire. .
             (Encyclopedia 1917 ed.)Thus since human nature is dynamic so are humans" wants and .
             desires. In order to achieve one's wants and desires one must labor with others around .
             them and with nature. Since labor is the activity of a group, the ever-changing world .
             created through the labor of those groups also creates the humans themselves and directly .
             affects them. Through labor, humanity creates and is responsible for the world that they .
             live in. .
             Marx suggests that Capitalism leads to the centralization and concentration of .
             living spaces, means of production, monopolies and the distribution of more power to the .
             bourgeoisie. The success of Capitalism is directly connected to capital and wage labor. .
             Capitalism's goal is to increase profits called accumulation; profits are then reinvested .
             elsewhere to make more capital. Like the buying and selling of an object in the capitalist .
             market, but in this case the exchange is money for the ability of labor, what Marx calls .

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