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Educating Rita

            The Effects of the Movie Comparing to the Play.
             People mostly find movies more effective than books and I suppose that is because movies can show more details and more background information on the characters. After reading the book Educating Rita and seeing the movie, even though they were both incredibly amazing and unique each in their own ways, I preferred the movie to the book and I found it more effective. Movie gave me a better sense of the mood and atmosphere using music, and it was more clear and easier to understand with more background information on the characters by having additional scenes in the movie. The movie also made it more clearly on how the story ended by adding an additional scene to it.
             While watching the movie I was able to capture the mood and the feeling of the characters and the atmosphere by the music being played. In the beginning of the movie when Rita is going to university for the first time, I could sense the formal atmosphere of the university and how it was different from where she lived and how she might have felt making this big change. Also when Denny is burning Rita's books, the music showed the pain, sadness and the disappointment that Denny was feeling at that moment. In the play we would not be able to sense this pain and disappointment because there was no music in the play, so our interpretation on Denny was different. In the play Denny sounded more like monster trying to ruin Rita's life. Thereby the music conveyed the atmosphere necessary to invoke the emotions.
             In addition to that the movie is more elaborate with additional scenes whereas most of the stories were retold in the play. Denny wants Rita to quit her education and have a baby. He is the opposition character. In the play Rita tells Frank about Denny burning the books but in the movie the actual incident is shown and it is not retold which gives the viewer a more elaborate background on the characters and makes it more clear as for why and how the conflict started.

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