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Play Summary - Educating Rita

            Is the play "Educating Rita" a humorous or a serious play? In this essay, I will discuss the distribution of comedy and seriousness. The main theme is that Rita in the age of 26 decides she wants to be educated. "Educating Rita" also deals with serious themes as in: alcoholism, suicide and relationships. But in this play the writer have been able to make it exciting to read by making the characters humorous. .
             Rita's ignorance and eagerness to learn makes her say things, which educated people find funny and sometimes stupid. For instance, the way Rita simplifies expressions from the technical language without being incorrect. (Rita says that assonance means gettin' the rhyme wrong). Later in the play, when Rita starts changing her voice and clothes, she appears rather comic. It is important to notice that she does not put on this amusing voice because she intend to be funny. Rita's actions are affected of what she feels and believes is right. Along with her accent, the readers characterize Rita as a humorous person. .
             Frank is a well-educated teacher and from that point of view, he is a contrast to Rita. Frank enjoys being together with Rita. His says that she is a breath of fresh air, which includes he get good laughs in teaching her. Throughout this difference in education, they are very much alike in terms of humor. When we read the play, it seems like they have the same kind of humor. Both Rita and Frank often answer questions in a humorous way, when the expected answer was a serious one. Anyway, I see a difference. Frank asks Rita why she did not began studying 20 years ago. Instead of giving Frank a solemn answer, she says that she did not think they would have accepted her at the age of six. Rita does not want to be funny and make Frank laugh. She is just answering the question in the way she believes is right. Conversely, Frank sometimes answers humorously where Rita understand the answer as if it was serious.

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