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Educating Rita

            The experience of Summer school challenges Rita's view of the world. How does Willy Russell make this clear to the reader with his use of literacy devices and the cultural references in the play?.
             The experience of Summer school challenges Rita's view of the world. Willy Russell makes this clear to the reader with use of literary devices and the cultural references in the play.
             Before Summer school, Rita had thought that education was a place only for posh people with the money to fund the education, and that poor people like herself had no right to an education.
             The end of Act 1 is a very important turning point in the play, as Rita is the one who is giving the orders, such as:.
             Rita - "I"ll bring me scissors next week and you"re "aving y"aircut.".
             Frank - "You"re not coming here next week".
             Rita - "I am, and you"re getting" y"haircut".
             Already we can see how loud and confident that Rita is from her entrance, which is:.
             "I"m comin" in aren't I? It's that stupid bleeding on the door. You wanna get it fixed.".
             Judging by the way she speaks to Frank at the end of Act 1 Scene 1, it is as if she is in charge.
             Before Summer School, Rita's search for education has been a solitary one, but now she is not alone, there are other she's met with the same goal. This means that she is able to continue with education by talking about schoolwork with friends. She no longer needs Frank as an influence, although he was the first one she went to when she started.
             Frank was Rita's sole influence at first so he could impress on her his own ideas, but now after summer school she has got access to other people's knowledge, meaning that she no longer feels she needs Frank to succeed.
             An example of Rita being with friends and having a good time is:-.
             "A crowd of us stuck together all week. We had a great time: Dead late every night we stayed up talking, we went all round London, went to the theatres .".
             Rita's attitude towards Frank has changed.

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