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             Yes, we believe that Euthanasia should be legalised. However, firstly, we would like to briefly provide some background information on this topic, Euthanasia.
             Euthanasia is a practice of mercifully ending a person's life in order to release the person from an incurable disease or intolerable suffering.
             This raises the controversy on legalisation of this practice in many countries, including Australia. Should the terminally ill endure pain and suffering, or can they have an alternative choice?.
             Yes, they do have an alternative choice. The perpetual pain can be ceased if one is brave and willing to take the final step - death. However, these victims of pain wish to die with dignity. They want doctors to provide a painless and effortless death for them. This incites to Euthanasia.
             There are two types of Euthanasia: Active and Passive. Passive euthanasia is when nothing is executed to prevent death, as when a doctor refrains from using life support on a person in a coma. Active Euthanasia is taking a deliberate action to cause death, as when a doctor gives a lethal drug dose to a patient. .
             Today, patients in many countries are entitled to opt for Passive Euthanasia (??including Australia??); that is, a choice to refuse life support.
             However, Active Euthanasia is still remaining intense as it is considered a parallel to homicide. It must confront oppositions from religious groups and many members from the medical profession.
             In 1996, after long debates, the Northern Territory passed a legislation that permits medically assisted suicide, the first place in the world to make this form of euthanasia legal. (Continue on after this with a discussion about the article preferably in an easier-to-understand form than the article itself).
             However, the federal parliament conceived this practice as abhorrent and overturned the law in 1997. .
             Recently this year, the Netherlands became the first country to legalise active euthanasia and assisted suicide, and formalised the medical practices that the government had tolerated for years.

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